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What are Cavities? How Do We Treat Them?

June 1, 2023




Everyone’s mouth contains thousands of bacteria that use the sugar that we eat and turn it into acid. When the bacteria on your teeth create acid, this makes soft holes in your teeth called “cavities” or “decay”. Bacteria love to stick to your teeth and hide in areas that are hard for you to clean, like in between your teeth and in the pits and grooves on your teeth. While it is more difficult for bacteria to stick to the smoother areas on your teeth, they can cause cavities on any part of your tooth if you let them stay there for too long.

Plaque is a collection of bacteria and food that builds up on your teeth. If your teeth are covered in plaque, you are much more likely to get cavities. This is why brushing and flossing are so important. Brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes will brush the bacteria and food off of your teeth and flossing once a day will make sure none are still hiding in between your teeth. Although there are other factors that can make you more likely to get cavities, they are almost 100% preventable with the right diet and home care!



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